Welcome to the American moto gymkhana usaMotorcycle Gymkhana Riders Association

Motorcycle Gymkhana is a form of motorcycle sport held on a paved field or parking lot.   American Motorcycle Gymkhana focuses on skill-building, improving ability, agility, and finally,  a competitive component is available for those who enjoy the exciting sport of gymkhana.  The sport focuses on improving your agility and ability to control your motorcycle.  While many riders feel they are good riders, most are not good at low speed turning, braking, and maneuvering.  Gymkhana can change that.

motorcycle gymkhana in americaEvent Characteristics

While the nature of gymkhana events in Asia focus on the competitive nature of the sport, American Gymkhana focuses on skills development, and improving rider’s abilities, rather than a simple focus on winning.  Of course the  more advanced participants will be more interested in the timed events,  decreasing your time thru the course remains the core purpose.

The events are usually held at closed courses such as driving schools, parking lots, small circuits, or other paved field. The layout of the course is decided by the organizer and is different for each event.

Generally, the riders use 1st or 2nd gear due to the course layout that is composed of dozens of tight turns. The speed range is therefore usually low or middle. There is a high chance of falling due to the unstableness of motorcycles of low speeds, however, there are rarely occurrence of injury or damage to motorcycles.

Their motorbikes must be able to run on the street legally or such a thing and some of the participants enter with their own street bike.

This is an open motorsport for beginners because there is no need for a special license or many pieces of expensive special equipment and to participate.

Due to the course layout, motorbikes with small bodies and small power output have the advantage over larger ones. However, the course includes not only tight turns but also some long straights so the small bikes are not always faster over the whole course.

Motorcycle Gymkhana requires technique, ability, knowledge, and experience of motorbikes. This means you must have not only techniques of acceleration, braking, handling, weight control but also knowledge to tune the machine to improve the performance. In addition, on analytical mind to assess the course in terms of the quickest or most efficient “racing lines” is essential.