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Well…I spent an entire week doing gymkhana……

….and all I got was this lousy emblem….. .

.     I got certified as a Motor Scout this week! First, they gave me this….. Then, they pointed me at a huge skidpad FULL of these…..       ..And said, “Ride.” …At least, that was the week in a nutshell… 🙂 I just want to thank the Bamarides community, because, after attending a couple of Gymkhana events, I KNOW that it had a profound impact on my performance this week. I learned to whip a 670 lb bike around a myriad of cone courses, and even use it to hill-climb, and off-road  crazy I learned how to work off of the bike, using it to the most effect to perform daily activities. I learned about escorts…..BTW… The instructors were great, and really worked with us….(one other candidate completely burned out his clutch)  🙁 Had a blast, and I just had to share it! Thanks again for the Cone-practice!! –Tim