The purpose of the this organization is to provide a safer environment to practice motorcycle riding skills.  You will learn to maneuver your motorcycle more efficiently by navigating an obstacle course while being timed. While this may sound dangerous, the speeds are very low, even for the fastest competitors.  First gear is the norm.  Crashes may happen, but with the right gear, there should not be any injuries to the bike or rider.

This is a skill-building sport.  We operate on the assumption that all riders can and should improve their skills.  Regular street riding doesn’t force riders to practice these perishable skills, leaving riders surprised when they find themselves on a dead-end street or in a parking lot where they have to turn the motorcycle in a space-restricted situation and discover that they cannot manage the bike without stopping and duck-walking it through a ten-point turn to get out of a bind.

Moto Gymkhana allows practice of these crucial skills in a safe environment at the very least, and for those who are more skilled, the fact that the course is timed allows for the added incentive of competition.  As riders build skill and confidence, the course can be tightened to provide more challenge.  Moto Gymkhana will never be boring!