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Some older pics
« on: October 04, 2012, 10:23:54 AM »
I just thought I'd share some choice pics from some of last year's practice. I do have a pair of good leather riding pants and real boots at this point for riding.

Quintessential Gymkhana.

I'm going to stare a hole into my next obstacle.

Looking to the next turn.

Look where you want to go. My bike will quickly flick left, right where I'm looking.

Zipping on over towards the next turn.

Another full-lock turn.

It happens to everybody. A lot in the beginning.

Working the rear brake.


Stay focused.

Back to the start.

Early cheat sheet.

Early layout. Before I had some cones.

This ugly, wonderful motorcycle has taught me so much about riding. Right now it's garaged with a shifting issue. It's a real joy to ride. 1986 CB700SC. Nighthawk.