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Using the cool season of Florida (we don't really have a winter down here), I have been practicing and improving to the point that my ride has became smooth, controlled and relaxed.

Now, I can turn very close to full steering lock and can flick the bike really quickly from left to right lean and vice-verse.

However, I feel that I have hit a wall: according to the chicken strips for my tires, I am stuck at the same lean angle and consequent maximum speed.
It may just be a mental barrier (I may be too chicken to push beyond my comfort zone), .........but it has been a very difficult and persistent barrier.

How to increase speed and lean angle in practice as to reach decent times in the G8?
Currently, the 35~40 seconds range seems unachievable to me.    :-[

Equipment / Brake fluid
« on: September 29, 2012, 06:05:48 PM »
My bike uses DOT 4 brake fluid.

Trying to keep the fluid of the rear brake from boiling during long practices, I have thought about switching to DOT 5.1.

Would that switch be recommendable?

Introduce yourself / Greetings to all from South Florida
« on: September 23, 2012, 09:48:48 AM »
My hat is off to all the persons that have organized Gymkhana riders and associated websites.

I have many years of street riding under my belt and just a few weeks of GP 8 practice on my own.
The posts of this forum and the videos on-line have helped me improve my technique.

I have been in Birmingham and Mobile for work last and this year.
I absolutely love the roads and hills around Birmingham.

My current bike is a 2007 Ninja 250, which has been very good for my practices so far.

Thank you very much to all who have shared their hard earned skills in this sport.

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